Acroleaf WIDE Thinner


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Experience the dry and wet slide cutting of the leaf-shaped blades.

The Acroleaf WIDE-K Thinner offers both volume and texture control in one scissor. A perfect thinning scissor for bob style and popular layered wave styles. By changing the scissor cutting angle, you can control the cutting percentage. If you cut vertically to the section the cut percentage is less and cutting horizontality to the section reduces the volume of hair removed.

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Acroleaf WIDE Thinner M (Even Handle), Acroleaf WIDE Thinner K (Offset Handle)


Acroleaf WIDE Thinner-15 (Cutting Ratio: 5-15%), Acroleaf WIDE Thinner-25 (Cutting Ratio: 15-25%), Acroleaf WIDE Thinner-50 (Cutting Ratio: 40-50%)