SCHOREM Master Blending Titanium Black


*Available in reverse teeth position (shown in the picture) only.

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Outstanding stability, Light weight yet powerful.
Designed for men’s haircuts.

“Schorem Master“ scissors are designed for barbers and stylists. From the handle shape to the selection of steel, the “Schorem Master” features optimum specifications for men’s haircuts in all aspects of its design. This brings outstanding stability recommended for fades and large removal of hair weight.

  • Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy
  • Cutting Ratio 25% / 33 teeth
  • Flat screw that can be adjusted from the back
  • Fixed finger rest/tang

Mat black titanium finish is ideal option for those allergic to metal. Highly resistant to corrosion and surface scratching.

These scissors were designed and developed by Leen and Bertus. Two charismatic men’s hairstylists from the world famous barber “SCHOREM” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The “Schorem Master” was completed at the Mizutani Head Factory after many improvements made in cooperation with the Mizutani’s development team.


Leen and Bertus with Master Mizutani


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