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A gentle thinning that will not stress, or damage the hair.

  • A smooth withdrawal, leaves minimal hair lines.
  • Even on a fresh cutline, this blade leaves for a natural settling feel and results in an aesthetic as if the cut was done several weeks ago.


  • The ACRO YURAGI ZERO very gently removes only 10% of the hair with each cut allowing for a precise refining for that perfect sculpted look.
  • Blender X Thinner Combo
    21 teeth • Cutting Ratio 10% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


  • The ACRO YURAGI 4 removes slightly more hair at 15% but still creates a delicate finish leaving fine blending for “lived in” texture.
  • Thinning Shear
     21 teeth • Cutting Ratio 15-20% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


  • The ACRO YURAGI 6 creates depth while removing bulk all without leaving a cut line.
  • Thinner X Texturizer Combo
    19 teeth • Cutting Ratio 25-30% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


  • The ACRO YURAGI 10 this tool works as a texturizer, weight removal is up to 40%. A proper “chunker” with the signature Acro handle with straight handle shank.
  • Texturizing Shear
    16 teeth • Cutting Ratio 35-40% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular

*Yuragi models are available as lefties upon special order. Please inquire via customization form or shoot us an email at [email protected]

(Pictured is the Yuragi K, offset handle)

Building Material:

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll

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Acroleaf YURAGI (Even Handle), Acro YURAGI K (Offset Handle)


YURAGI ZERO (Cut Ratio 10%), YURAGI 4 (Cut Ratio 15-20%), YURAGI 6 (25-30%), YURAGI 10 (35-40%)