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SATIN (Matte) BLACK- The Stephen Moody Model highly praised from hairdressers all over the world, launched first overseas in 2017. This product was jointly developed with Stephen Moody the real hairstyling artist and educator, and MIZUTANI. The handle design for his high-quality precise haircut and thin blade design are made with world-renowned Nano Powder Metal. These scissors have the highest and most particular standards for everything from the materials used, handle position, to the fitting of the blade. Anything unnecessary has been carefully pruned away, bringing to life only what is needed. As someone who has held many types of scissors in his hands over a lifetime of working as a stylist, and who only wants to use truly good tools, he says while selecting scissor features that “the more I carefully selected them, the more I loved them.” His favorite is the Matte Black Titanium finish. Aside from sleek look, it also has the added benefit of providing for a Non-Slip cutting experience. From the blade handle all the way to the type of material used, these shears have been crafted to deliver precision without compromising power.

Building Material

Nano Powder Metal®

Stephen Moody

Since leaving his position as the International Executive Director of Vidal Sassoon Education in 2003, took his current position as the Director of Coty Professional Wella & OPI, and Global Education Academy Dean. Stephen’s skills have achieved international renown, and are backed by a peerless record of experience and achievements. His current position is also proof of his stature in the field. “The starting point of cutting hair, or improving your haircutting skills, is the precise handling and mastery of your scissors.


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