SWORD Dama Integral


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Quality and Beauty

Damascus, also know as “wootz” is 32 fold layered iron and steel with charcoal forged in a temperature reduced environment called quenching. This process is what makes for the watermark patterning throughout this masterpiece.

  • SWORD DAMA Integral D01: The blade is fashioned with the “Micro-Bevel Edge” for more durability.

The D01 is the full Damascus (both handle and blade) version of the D-17 blade which comes to a narrow tip, are thin, and can be used as a precision shear at “5.7in.

  • SWORD DAMA Integral D02: The blade is the “Kengata Edge” with a center ridge providing durability and excellent power and precision for more demanding types of hair.

Building Material

Both the D-17 and the D-19 are produced with a single bar of 100% damascus steel.

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SWORD DAMA Integral D-17 (Micro-Bevel Edge), SWORD DAMA Integral D-19 (Kengata Edge)




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