Factory Maintenance, Sharpening, and Service Locations

Japanese Factory Scissor Maintenance

Scissor maintenance at Mizutani Scissors goes far beyond sharpening. As your source as the direct connection to our main factory in Chiba, Japan. The following are the common items under the Japanese Factory Scissor Maintenance program

  • Sharpening
  • Scissor alignment
  • Bumper replacement
  • Repair of chip or cracked metal
  • Reworking, or the reforging of metal

The turnaround time for maintenance at our headquarters is 6-8 weeks. The cost for factory maintenance for any and all services is a flat rate of $70.00.

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Other accepted methods of payment incude:

  • Venmo: @mizutani
  • Check made payable to: Motik Inc

For service in Japan, send your Mizutani Scissors to us at:

Mizutani USA / Motik Inc.
1450 Sutter Street #428
San Francisco, CA 94109

(Only ship your scissors to this address if you would like for them to be serviced in Japan. See below for “Certified” and “Authorized” sharpening options)*Please note: “Factory Scissor Maintenance” can only be performed on Mizutani Scissors. Our factory does not work with outside brands (scissors that are not made at our headquarters).
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Have questions about this service? Text or call 415.361.1114




North American Support Team

Certified Sharpening

Each pair of Mizutani Scissors has a specific blade angle and finishing steps as intended by its designers. With a turn around time of 7-10 business days and having been trained at our factory in Japan, a “Certified” sharpener may be your best bet. Certified sharpeners can help you maintain the top performance level of your tool and product’s longevity.

Bart Chen

Bart is officially certified by Mizutani Scissors Japan. In 2018, he trained at the Mizutani Scissors Factory in Tokyo, Japan. Under the supervision of Hirokazu Mizutani (CEO) and Shibata-San (Factory Manager), Bart learned the factory methods and techniques of freehand sharpening. Very few sharpeners in the US can perform freehand sharpening without the use of a mechanical jig. He is committed to ensuring longevity of your investment with proper sharpening technique as intended by the Mizutani Scissors Factory. He is easily reached via phone or email and is eager to answer your questions regarding shears.

Please visit to get service from Bart.


Have questions for Bart? Contact him by email at [email protected]

Authorized Sharpening

An “Authorized Sharpener” for Mizutani Scissors is a sharpener with a history of working with various hair designing shears. An Authorized Sharpener is a trusted sharpener, but not yet certified by our factory in Japan.

Daniel Zabaljac

Daniel Zabaljac is an Authorized Mizutani sharpener and distributor who has been sharpening shears since 2008. Daniel has a degree in Mechanical Engineer in Sarajevo, with specialized training as a precision mechanic and metal fabricator. Zabaljac and his wife (a former hair stylist and salon owner) have their own Precision Sharpening company that meets the needs of countless salon owners and hair stylists in the Dallas metroplex. They believe strongly in providing unparalleled, quality service and products for their clientele and are recognized by multiple cosmetology schools such as: Paul Mitchell, Ogle, and the Brighton Barber Institute. He and his wife are now proud owners of a gorgeous shop and show room located in Dallas.


See for service by Daniel Zabaljac, located in Dallas, Texas.

The cost of this service is $50.00 with a turn around time of 7-10 business days.

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Other accepted methods of payment include

  • Venmo: @mizutanitexas
  • Cashapp: $mizutanitexas

Shipping Address:

EZ Sharpening #1031
14902 Preston Rd Suite 404, box 1031
Dallas TX 75254

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Have questions for Daniel?
Text or Call (214) 843-4977 * * (214 ) 843-4966 for service by Daniel.

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Authorized Domestic Service Locations and Distributors

California (2 Distributors)

Pacific Coast Sharpening

Sam Williams

[email protected]


16040 Potomac Ridge Rd Apt 110
San Diego, CA 92127

Bowhead Salon

Logan Potter Terry

[email protected]


380 Camino de Estrella, San Clemente, CA 92672 ( Call or text for an appoiment)

Canada (1 Distributors)

Eikonic Academy

Terence Lai

[email protected]


720 Burnhamthorpe Rd W Unit #3, Mississauga, ON L5C 3G1, Canada

Colorado (1 Distributors)

Precision Edge, Inc.

Russell Crimone

[email protected]


Denver, CO

Connecticut (1 Distributors)

Shear Wizard

Mark Manson

[email protected]


Florida (2 Distributors)

Stephanie De Lopez De Victoria

[email protected]


Evergreen Sharpening

Michael Bocchicchio

[email protected]


Georgia (1 Distributors)

The Sharpening Shop

Emma Maholick

[email protected]


Atlanta, GA

Hawaii (1 Distributors)

Ken Yasuda

[email protected]

4348 Waialae Ave P.O Box #252
Honolulu, HI, 96816

Idaho (1 Distributors)

Shear Tech

Duane Klaassen

[email protected]


Illinois (2 Distributors)

Edgewise Sharpening & Pro Tools

Ben Seyfarth

[email protected]


Chicago, IL

Skull & Thrones hair society

Eric Zamarripa

[email protected]


1405 W Lake St, Addison, IL 60101 (Call or Text for an appointment) (Showroom Only)

Indiana (1 Distributors)

Shears by Shane

Shane McKerchie

[email protected]


1718 Bashor Road Goshen, IN 46526 (Call or Text for an appoitment)

Massachusetts (3 Distributors)

Christopher Bocchino

[email protected]


Tewskbury, MA

Rapid Edge Scissors

Jay Kenerson

[email protected]


Taunton, MA

Barbershop Delux

Christina Morelli

[email protected]


288 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116 (Call or Text for an appoitment)

Michigan (1 Distributors)

Rich Yox

Rich Yox

[email protected]


Detroit, Michigan

Montana (1 Distributors)

Zachary.Reimnitz LLC

Zachary Reimnitz

[email protected]


Kalispell, MT

Nevada (1 Distributors)

The Shear Doctor, LLC

Ron Wada

[email protected]


Las Vegas, NV

North Carolina (2 Distributors)

Norm Voller

[email protected]


6101 Dresden Ln
Raleigh, NC, 27612-2817

Norman Voller

[email protected]


2914 Baptist Rd
Durham, NC, 27703-8734

New Jersey (1 Distributors)

Joe Brown

Joe Brown

[email protected]

205 Newark ave, Bradley Beach, NJ, 07720
Call, TXT, or Email for Appointment

New York (3 Distributors)

Ron Voller

[email protected]


Ron Voller
87 Crosby St.
NY NY 10012
(Call or text for an appointment)

John Tomaso

[email protected]


Ridge, NY ( Long Island)

Shear Savvy Inc

Paul Naused

[email protected]

6202 Waters View Cir, Cohoes, NY 12047 (Call or Text for an appointment)

Oregon (1 Distributors)

M3 Mizutani

Marc Matis

[email protected]


M3 Mizutani
2932 SE 51st Ave Unit A
Portland, OR 97206-2172
(Call or Text for Appointment)

Pennsylvania (1 Distributors)


Josh DeMarco


125 S. 18th Street 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Call or Text for an appointment)

Texas (2 Distributors)


Daniel Zabaljac

[email protected]


13465 Inwood Rd Suite 185, #135 , Dallas TX 75244 (Call or Text for an appoitment)


Dito Garcia

[email protected]


San Antonio, TX

Virginia (1 Distributors)

Shear Police

Jim Roberts


122 Campbell Ave SE
Roanoke, Va 24011


Washington (2 Distributors)

Yoshi Okabe

[email protected]


2311 E Madison St. Seattle WA, 98112
Call or Text for an appointment

BJ’s Rapid Edge

Joe Carson

[email protected]


Vancouver, WA

Wisconsin (1 Distributors)
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